Exhibition Info

    Sponsor: China Foundry Association

    Organizer: Beijing Zhongzhu Century Exhibition Co., Ltd                           

    Date: May 16-19, 2018                            

    Venue:  China International Exhibition Center (New venue), Beijing, China  


Exhibition Profile
Time: 2014-10-23Source:

16th China International Foundry Expo

Metal China 2018

Sponsor: China Foundry Association

Organizer: Beijing Zhongzhu Century Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

Date: May 16-19, 2018

Venue: E1~E4, W1~W4, China International Exhibition Center (New venue) 

               No. 8, Yuxiang Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, China

Exhibits Profile:

  • Castings       

  • Foundry equipments

  • Foundry materials

  • Foundry moulds and Patterns

  • Foundry jigs and fixtures

  • Environmental protection equipment

  • Foundry technology

  • Computer applications

  • Special robots forfoundry

Layout of the exhibition:

Initiated in 1987, Metal China has grown to be one of the first-class foundry events in the world, with over 100,000 square meters exhibition space, 1300 exhibitors and more than 100,000 person-time visitors from 80 countries and regions, including China, Germany, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Japan, India,Spain, etc.. The event is co-organized by 72 foundry organizations and supported by more than 300 international industry organizations and media.

Concurrent events (to be updated)

1. 2018 Annual Congress of China Foundry Association

2. The 8th General Meeting of China Foundry Association

3. Thefirst Meeting of the 8th Council of China Foundry Association

4. Beltand Road International Foundry Capacity Forum

5. The Founding Conference of China Foundry Standards Alliance

6. The Founding Conference of National Intelligent Foundry Industrial Innovation Center Alliance

7. The 3rd Award Ceremony for Top 100 Overall Comprehensive Enterprises,Pacesetter    

    Enterprises, and“Specialized, fine, peculiar and new” enterprises

8. The Award Ceremony of the 2nd Single Champion Enterprise

9. Lifetime Achievement Award and Craftsman Award of China Foundry Industry

10. The 4th Green Foundry Demonstration Enterprises Award Ceremony

11. Awarding Ceremonyof the 8th Foundry Credit Rating Enterprises

12. Honorary Award Ceremony of Specialty Industry Clusters and Specialty Production Bases

13. Gold Awards for High-quality Castings, Innovation Foundry Equipment and Foundry Materials

14. On-siteIndustry Experts Consultation

For detailed information about Metal China 2018, please download it here:

METAL CHINA 2018 Brochure.pdf


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