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    Sponsor: China Foundry Association

    Organizer: Beijing Zhongzhu Century Exhibition Co., Ltd                           

    Date: June 13-16, 2017                             

    Venue:  Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China  


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Solution to Purchase High Quality Castings in China
Time: 2017-02-20Source:

China is a large casting production nation which produces the most competitive castings for the automobile, engineering machinery, general machinery, municipal, energy, machine tools, agricultural machinery, and communication sectors.

However, as the foundry industry is transforming and upgrading in China, there are difficulties in purchasing castings.

For casting users, you must have noticed that Chinese foundry industry is experiencing great changes. Have you ever been surprised to find that the assembled component needed to be purchased in more than 10 foundries can be easily replaced with just one single casting? It just takes one week to deliver the samples which need 2 months before. At the same time, you may be also surprised to find that your long time partners shut down all of a sudden for environmental requirements or market access reasons. On one hand, more and more excellent enterprises are growing rapidly; on the other hand, a large number of small businesses will be eliminated. In the past five years, more than 4,000 factories have been closed. It’s expected that another 10,000 foundry businesses will be closed or acquired in the next five years.

Cooperating with China Foundry Association and taking the opportunities in the changing world is the solution to purchase castings. Below are several methods to easily purchase castings in China.

Focusing on important foundry enterprises lists

1. Foundries in the Foundry Industry Access List

This List is the basic protecting enterprises list of foundry industry in China, enterprises not included in the list will be restricted from applying for government fund, participating in bidding for the national major projects as well as bank lending.

Cooperating with foundry enterprises in the list offers guarantee. There have been 1729 enterprises in the list till now (the list is updated every year). To search more information, please visit:,or

2. Top Excellent Foundry Enterprises

China Foundry Association organizes the selection and appraising activities jointly with local industry associations every two years, including Top 100 Comprehensive Foundry Enterprises, Industry-classified Pacesetter Companies, Top 50 Die-casting enterprises and Top 20 Die-casting Mould Companies. All enterprises in the lists go through industry association’s strict examination at all levels. They are trustworthy partners.

Come to “China International Foundry Expo (Metal China)” and the “12th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition”

The “15th China International Foundry Expo(Metal China)” together with the “12th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition”, to be held from June 13 to 16, 2017 in Shanghai New International Expo Center, has become the world's largest casting exhibition. It will gather more than 1000 exhibitors in which Top 100 Comprehensive Foundry Enterprises, Industry-classifiedPacesetter Companies, Top 50 Die-casting enterprises and Top 20 Die-casting Mould Companies will be the representatives. The displayed products will cover auto parts, agricultural machinery castings, communication castings, machine tool castings, rail transit parts, engineering machinery castings, hydroelectric/thermal/wind/nuclearpower castings, ship and municipal castings of all kinds of materials.

Reasons to purchase castings at Metal China and Die Casting Industry Exhibitions:

1. With high production capacity and quality assurance,the exhibitors have been reviewed by China Foundry Association or local foundry associations.

2. Our professional team will provide you with personalized services: matchmaking prior to the exhibition, on-site technical/policyconsultation, and continued services after the exhibition, etc.

3. There are more than 100 supporting activities during the event, and you can take this great opportunity to make in-depth communications with the industry experts coming from more than 80 countries and regions. You will save time and gain more.

In addition, we will provide free accommodation for bulk purchasers and make sure it will be a pleasant and effective trip.


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