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A preview to Metal China 2016—Part 1
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Core components and high-quality castings manufacturers

 will gather at Metal China 2016


Booth: E201

KOCEL GROUP was founded in 1966. The KOCEL Equipment Company is specialized in casting (cast iron, cast steel, etc.), chemical industry (furfural, furfuryl alcohol, resin, curing agent, coating, etc.), mechanical manufacturing (mold, precision machining, machine tool accessories,etc.), steel structure, etc., and providing casting material, mold, cast iron,steel, machinery parts, machine tool and a complete solution.

Faw Foundry Co.Ltd.

Booth: E245

Faw Foundry produces important automobile castings, including cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft for engine, clutch housing and gearbox housing for transmission, and chassis castings. A lot of Faw Foundry products including 06A cylinder block, 5-valve cylinder head, EA111 cylinder block and EA888 cylinder head, great horsepower of diesel engine cylinder block, cylinder head, CA6GV aluminum cylinder block, V12 aluminum cylinder block have won gold awards from national foundry industry exhibition.

Shanxi Huaxiang Group Co., Ltd

Booth: E302

Shanxi Huaxiang Group focuses on the development of home appliance parts, auto parts, machinery partsand machining industry, aiming to build China's largest compressor parts base, machinery parts base and auto parts base.


Booth: E2131

Foundedin 1958, Wuhan Wuzhong Casting & Forging is dedicated to the production and sale of commercial castings, metal structural castings and forgings. A variety of products can meet the demand in China and have also been exported to many countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea, Germany, UK, Pakistan, Iran and Taiwan.

Liaoning Fu-An Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd

Booth: E357

Liaoning Fu-An is mainly providing products for the energy, transportation, shipbuilding, steel rolling machinery, mining and coal machinery industries. At present, Fu-An has become the world's outstanding supplier of large steel equipment.

Shenyang Machine Tool Yinfeng Foundry Co., Ltd.

Booth: E215

Shenyang Machine Tool Yinfeng Foundry is a large-scale professional manufacturer of casting sand forgings in Asia. The company has complete testing instrument and methods, and uses the international advanced resin sand casting and high strength castiron process to produce all kinds of machine tool castings, automobile castings, and wind turbine castings, etc.

Cixi Huili Machinery & Electric Co.,Ltd.

Booth: E214

Cixi Huili Machinery & Electric is mainly engaged in casting and machining of various kinds of gray iron, ductile iron, alloy castings and producing efficient and highly efficient energy-saving motor. All motors and casting products have been exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, UK, Sweden and France, etc., the main clients are GE, YASKAWA, BALDOR, TOSHIBA, ABB, EMERSON, CUMMINS, BOMBARDIER and so on.

Zhejiang Hangji Foundry Co.,Ltd.

Booth: E361

Zhejiang Hangji Foundry Co.,Ltd. is a designated "Chinese resin sand casting demonstration plant". The main products are grey iron, ductile iron and alloy cast iron,etc.

Heval Hengdian Machinery Co.,LTD. CNNC

Booth: E361

The company has casting department, machining department, inspection center and mold center, etc. The casting division uses alkaline phenolic resin sand casting process to produce 10,000 tons of high performance steel castings every year. The largest single casting weighs 10 tons. The company can produce carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel products for the wide application in valves, nuclear power plant, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, mining machinery, engineering machinery and other industries and fields.

Yunnan Kungang Wear Resistant MaterialScience Co., Ltd.

Booth: E360

Yunnan Kungang Wear Resistant Material Science Co., Ltd. is the largest production base for wear resistant materials in southwest China.The company is equipped with a number of advanced production and testing equipment including vertical parting flaskless shot molding line (Disa line), V-method automatic molding line, automatic push rod heat treatment line, vacuum direct reading spectrometer, and metallographic microscope.