Metal China 2014 Held in Beijing
Time: 2014-12-24Source:

Metal China 2014, the 12th session, sinceinitiated in 1987 and held every two years, presented to the world from May19-22 in Beijing. There were 1335 exhibitors from 31 countries and regions atthe 108,000 m2 show area, including 201 overseas exhibitors from Austria,Australia, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Korea, the Netherlands,Luxembourg, Malaysia, America, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, etc., with tradevisitors of 81,623.

The exhibition was composed of foursections: non-ferrous alloy and specialty casting, cast parts, equipment, andcasting materials to cover the whole industry, representing the comprehensiveand top level development of the foundry industry.

Six features highlighted this exhibition:intelligent robots to boost automation level, 3D printing and digital dielessforming, environmental friendly equipment to meet the ever-growing environmentchallenge, functional casting materials to reduce reject rate, high-endcastings leading industry trend, and foundry clusters to promote the Accessimplementation.

Metal China 2014 was also an important partof the first China Foundry Festival.

In addition, there were more than 10 forumsand activities during China Foundry Festival, such as the General Assembly,Member Assembly, Sourcing Fair, Global Casting Magazine Development Meeting,Foundry-Lexicon English Online and Chinese Version Launching Ceremony, and AsiaFoundry Forum Sodality, as well as a series of related award ceremonies,including the Top 100 Enterprises Award, High-quality Casting Gold Medal,Foundry Equipment Innovation Award, Foundry Materials Gold Medal, Huili CupPhotography Contest, etc..