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    Sponsor: China Foundry Association

    Organizer: Beijing Zhongzhu Century Exhibition Co., Ltd                           

    Date: May 16-19, 2018                            

    Venue:  China International Exhibition Center (New venue), Beijing, China  


14th Annual Congress of China Foundry Association
Time: 2014-10-24Source:

New Era, NewAccomplishments

Improve Development Quality and Realize the Foundry Power Nation Dream

VenueBeijing Conference Center

Add.: No. 88, Laiguangying West Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing


  • May 13: Registration

  • May 14 AM: the 8th General Meeting & the 1st meeting of the 8th Council of China Foundry        Association

  • May 14 PM: the14th Annual Congress of CFA

        Keynote reports

       1. Equipment manufacturing industry’s new requirements to the foundry industry

       2. Top 100 Enterprises Forum: Boost development quality, take social responsibility, realize sustainable development

  • May 15 AM: Keynote reports

       1. The latest environment protection situation and adaptive strategies of foundry industry

       2. Open and shared intelligent foundry industry

       3. Occupational safety and health management in the foundry industry

       4. Global foundry market forecast

       5. "Strengthening projects at grass-root level" and key common foundry technology

       6. Foundry industry data release 2017

  • May 15 PM: parallel sessions

       1. The 18th Cross-strait andHong Kong Foundry Forum

       2. Seminar on safety production and environmental protection 

       3. Seminar on quality management standard specifications

       4. Seminar on development and application of foundry process and mold & tooling

       5. Seminar on eco-friendly raw and auxiliary foundry materials application

       6. Seminar on intelligent manufacturing

       7. Seminar on key castings(cast iron, cast steel, nonferrous) production technology

       8. Seminar on personnel training and occupational education

  • May 16 PM: The 2nd Global Foundry Forum

  • May 16 -19: 

       The16th China International Foundry Expo 

       The 3th ChinaFoundry Festival


1. Registration


2. Accommodation will be borne by the participants

Ms. Yang You

Ms. Maggie Li

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