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An Interview with Mr. Wei Baohua, the General Manager of ABP (Shanghai)


Besides the more than 20 staff from Shanghai Office attending the exhibition, there are 20 more representatives from other branches of ABP in the world.

Mr. Wei said:”the market share in China was only 10% in 2008-2009, but it has reached up to 40% in 2011. China is the fastest growth market in the world, although its GDP has slowed to be 7.5%. As our customers growing in China, Metal China is obviously very important to them.”

At Metal China, ABP showcases its new product “Ecotop” dedusting equipment, which can absorb 95% of the smoke and dust produced in the processing. Its special design can also prolong the life cycle. Besides, the company displays the advanced induction furnace that the power consumption for molten metal is only about 500 kw·h per ton.

To meet the demand of local customers and become localized, ABP has expanded its plant in Shanghai and set up a 24-hour service center in the recent 3 years.