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    Date: May 16-19, 2018                            

    Venue:  China International Exhibition Center (New venue), Beijing, China  


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Dalian Yaming Received National Special Fund
Time: 2017-10-18Source:

Recently, Dalian Yaming Automobile Parts Co., LTD.received a national supporting fund of 20 million RMB for its new model of intelligent manufacturing in applying for 2017 special fund of industry transform and upgrade program.

Began in June 2015, the project is expected to complete in Aug. 2019 with a total investment of 204 million RMB. It includes the construction of digital plant for key intelligent equipment, internet of things data collection and sensing system, execution system of shopfloor manufacturing, visualized control center, involving 12 key equipments manufacturing, such as industry robots and high-end equipment, smart sensing and control equipment, intelligent detection and assembling equipment, intelligent logistics and storage equipment.

It will allow the company to be able to produce large complex die mold in a more effective and flexible way and produce complex aluminum castings fully automatically. The company’s revenue will increase 150 million yuan and its profit will increase 12 million yuan. 

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