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    Sponsor: China Foundry Association

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    Date: May 16-19, 2018                            

    Venue:  China International Exhibition Center (New venue), Beijing, China  


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FCRI (Gaoming) Industrial Park Held Opening Ceremony
Time: 2017-09-18Source:

Belong to FCRI Ceramics Research Institute Co.,Ltd., FCRI (Gaoming) Industrial Park held opening ceremony in Gaoming , Foshan on Sep.3th, 2017. About 200 people took part in the ceremony and witnessed this exciting moment. It was built in Mar. 2017 and last 5 months. The ceramic filter and magnetic material were put into trial production in succession. Nowadays it turns into normal operation and achieves production and marketing success. FCRI (Gaoming) Industrial Park carries the task of adjusting the industrial structure and raising the new business growth point, and has made new design in production planning, equipment automation, process technology, production process, quality control and etc. With high level automated equipments and advanced process technology, the annual output for ceramic filter is 5000 m3 and magnetic material is 2000 tons, also leaving development spaces in the future. 

With more than ten years of research and development, FCRI ceramic Foam Filter has high refractoriness, good filtration effect and high filtration efficiency with unique three dimensional structures and 80-90% open cell rate. Besides for melting metal filtration at high temperature, it can also be applied in gas treatment at high temperature, carrier of catalyzer, solid thermal exchange and special filling for chemical industry.