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    Sponsor: China Foundry Association

    Organizer: Beijing Zhongzhu Century Exhibition Co., Ltd                           

    Date: June 13-16, 2017                             

    Venue:  Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China  


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The First Aluminum Integrated Casting Frame in China Developed by Anyang Qiang Ji
Time: 2017-07-12Source:

Anyang Qiang Ji Precision Manufacturing Base Co.,Ltd. is a new and high technology enterprise which is established on the basis of Anyang Precision Manufacturing Industrial Park. Relying on the integrated investment casting technology, Anyang Qiang Ji develops the oversized or supersmall sized, thin walled, complex precision castings and various castings by integrated design with the core of systematic eco-design technology. Anyang QiangJi has provided hundreds kinds of nearly impossible products in the fields of aviation, aerospace, weapon, automobile, energy, hydropower, ship, equipment and other civiland military fields successfully. The intelligent investment casting production line in the park is the first set at home and aboard, it will break the bottleneck that the precision casting can not be automated and mass produced.

An electric lightweight passenger prospective car is developed by joint efforts with a famous domestic automobile company. Based on a conditional car, an all-aluminum independent frame is designed and trial produced subversively. The whole frame consists of only three parts: the front frame, the middle frame and the rear frame. The three parts are connected by bolts only with none of a weld. The weight of the whole structure is less than 94kg. Besides, the front sub-frame, the lower casing for battery and the instrument panel carrier in this car are also developed into aluminum castings. The weight of the car has been reduced significantly. Although the structures of front frame and rear frame are complex and large sized, the trial production succeeded right the first time. The frames have been completed loading at present. Thecar has been trail assembled.

If the monoblock casting technology is used in the automotive industry, lightweight, integrated structures can be achieved systematically. It will break the four traditional automobile manufacturing processes and reduce costs and development time.